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Do I Have A Choice Do I Have A Choice

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Ass-kicking music but you need to get a real singer I can see this on several of the video programs Jay Leno would have you, your band. If you can't get a serious vocalist sing it through a re-verb or echo or drop it behind the music and rerecord it after you laid down the tracks and then record the music back over it. Your guitars are strong your bass is right on your drummer gives a strong right on beat but not an over bearing presence. You got remix, remix

chadstep chadstep

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I've written a song for your wave that I downloaded the other day. I am going to list it on my audio portal. the name will depend on what I can get away with. Eithier Breaking upon the shore.
By the way Great piece.

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Some Call It Sleep Some Call It Sleep

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Nice piece

Good music. The only thing I would have added is once you laid down this track I would come back and laid down another track over it so you would have the fidelity of two guitars.

motifforshits motifforshits

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Great loop

Great loop now turn it into a great song. A tear jerker.
Something like:
As I watch the waves,
breaking upon the shore,
I think of you once more,
And that we're no more,,.

Don't take my ....breath away
Don't leave me lying on on the shore
Like something
Washed up in the a storm,

Verse Chorus verse Chorous Chorus

Chicago Chicago

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Good piece

You put down that you have high energy at night. You said you can do this night after night until the song is complete it's not hard to tell it sounds like you spent some serious time on this piece. The only thing I would change, if anything, is I would bring the volume up just a touch. Thanks for the calm.


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Great Commentary You need to listen !!

Don't vote if you don't listen or watch it . If you do dunk the Flash , Audio or whatever give the reason. To get better you must know how and the how comes from the why. No one can read your mind but I can read your writing We're not here to beat each other up but to share and have fun I for one have learned quite a bit since I've been coming here any I've certainty enjoyed the different perspectives of the members art.

Starwish - Serenity Starwish - Serenity

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Beauty in music and music is beauty.

Living in Normandy France as I do I see the beauty everyday there is so much of it here. Pursue your love and love what you pursue send your works to producers every where share your gift. It's moving.

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auriplane responds:

Thank you!

Vortex - Balderdact Vortex - Balderdact

Rated 4 / 5 stars


If you this on your typing keyboard I'd love to hear what you could do with a syth
obliviously you know something about music programming.